New project, and new yarns in shop!


A very quick update for today :)

What is my latest completed project?

Hihihi.. I knitted a dress and crocheted a hat and booties for my daughter. Alhamdulillah, it fits her very nicely. Using only one ball of Alize Sekerim Batik 3067, I am definitely going to make another set later.

What is my work in progress at the moment?

This is going to be a vest soon. Really, I am so excited to see the result. This yarn is really nice to work with using Alize Sekerim Junior. Definitely going to buy again soon!

What is my new yarn collections?

Alhamdulillah.. finally this baby Nako Hosgeldin is now in my collection. Still thinking what will I do with this. Blanket?  A baby set? Sweater? Cardigan? hmmm..

What is new in our shop?

Alhamdulillah.. Baby Nako Lollipop is now available to purchase@  Any questions, inquiries, hesitations, etc.. please do not hesitate to contact us via Message Button or email us at

May Allah swt bless us all.
Have a great day everyone!

A happy day – thank you Allah :)

Assalamualaikum everyone..

Alhamdulillah.. another chance again given by Allah to be able to write down after been away for so long… actually I’m still trying my best to update this blog as frequently as I can, but just I have no chance to share what I’ve been doing lately with my needles and hooks coz since I delivered, again, my “empty space” now had been filling with caring my little baby, alhamdulillah.. that needs more attention than others :) And second problem is, I have to share laptop with my husband since mine had broken down last year :(

But still, now and then, I did keep in touch with my page at for updates and news of our latest activities. The problem about me, I can only give my focus at one thing at a time. thats how, my blog stay dusty :P

Ok.. so here is my latest project, not denying that i’ve been working on it very slow….

A Bebe Dress using Alize yarn :D nice colour isn’t it?

These took me about one week++ to just reach the bodice part :( oh ya… I am knitting very very slow.. but I have two reasons why? :)

1. My fingers are hurting .. reason? dunno why…

2. The strand is very thin..

But insyaAllah.. hopefully, I can complete it around 1-2 more weeks (not months!) We will see how ;)

Alright, as mentioned above (title) .. what made me happy today is I received a very very beautiful gift from a good friend of mine, from Penang :)

Yes yes yes.. I am sure right now your eyes are big, with mouth a bit opened and saying.. wahhh.. cantik! hehehe…

Yup, I am the same too fortunately :P Words can’t describe my feelings right now. But i am totally in love with this sweater. A 1 year old baby sweater, pink colour actually.. (right?) Thank you Daphne.. I will make sure that I will knit one for your baby too :) InsyaAllah.. as beautiful as I can knit…. :)

And.. one more thing that is also cheered up my day is….

YARNNNSSS!!! Can never get enough right? Who is with me? :D DD agreee?? hehehe.. Few projects in mind will be  ?n my to-do-list!

Ay Allah.. lately, my back is killing me aduhhh.. seems I need to stop writing for now.. but will try to get back again with new interesting syok sendiri story to share :)

Don’t forget to visit us at for lots of beautiful yarns and knitting/crochet tools. We are going to keep more stocks in store soon insyaAllah. Please do give your support ya.. and thank you so much to all of you who always hopped by to May Allah swt bless us all.

Till we meet again <3

Mama's Little Girl's Dress and Hat =)

Here is the model for mama’s dress and hat :)

Alhamdulillah .. Thank you Allah for everything.. Alhamdulillah… A happy day :)

Alhamdulillah… berkat doa semua orang yang saya sayangi.. teman-teman daknit, juga pelanggan daknit, akhirnya parcel yang ditunggu selamat tiba walaupun masih ada beberapa parcel lagi tetapi hampir kesemua yang ditunggu tiba di tangan dengan selamatnya.. alhamdulillah..

Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kita semua dunia dan akhirat, dan sentiasa menjadikan kita dikalangan orang-orang yang bersyukur.. insyaAllah.

Jum cuci mata lihat apa pula saya dapat hari ni utk diri sendiri walaupun tak banyak :D hihihi

Yay.. Alhamdulillah.. received my yarns and my gauge ruler today :D Bought them from USA but the yarns are made in Turkey ;) And the Alize Magazine (wow.. believe me, these magazine are awesome!) is a gift from my Turkish friend. Thank you so much kardesim.. bu magazine cok seviyorum! All the patterns for the babies, toddlers and kids are sooo lovely! With 159 patterns inside, really dunno when I’m going to have a chance to knit/crochet them all.

Here are just few patterns i snapped from the magazine!


cuteee bootiess!

Really cute booties!

Aiyooo.. look at the pose hihihi.. cute!

Hiii auntie! I am a cute bear boy :D

Aiyaaa… only one thing will make me struggle about this magazine is that all patterns are written in Turkish :( so.. will take long time to make… And all the yarns used for the patterns are from Alize. Jealous ehh.. hope one day Malaysia can make gooood yarnss too for us :) insyaAllah, who knows kan..

Ok.. thank you for hopping by!

Selamat berpuasa dan selamat berbuka puasa utk semua :D

May Allah swt bless us all.

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My 4 days simple knitted beanie :)

alhamdulillah..  just done with my very simple knitted beanie. ambil masa 4 hari juga siap rasanya :) beanie utk kegunaan sendiri.. :D

Chit chat a bit.. Lately I'm into crochet.. :D New Cell Phone Pouch!

Assalamualaikum everyone.. thank you for hopping by! It has been a while since I updated my blog last 2 weeks.. Yup.. days becoming very busy lately.. Going out from house at 6am.. coming home around 7.00pm.. almost everyday and honestly it is very tiring especially during preganancy..  (alhamdulillah for all the gifts given by Allah swt)

School holiday is just around the corner, 1 week more to go! Hardly can’t wait.. Have lots of things that need to be handled one by one.. and the only time I can do this during the school holiday, very limited time! So housewife! Be grateful! Cause as I see.. being a  housewife, you can do many things and also, time can be managed easily without need to worry about jobs at office etc…isn’t it? :)

Alhamdulillah.. our shop is growing well too, cok sukur ya rabb, and thank you so much again for all the support given by my husband and family. I hope and pray that everyone will achieve the success that they dream of! insyaAllah.

Oh just came into my mind..  my colleagues was telling me about a Turkish Stall in Kota Kinabalu, selling Turkish Kebab, made by real Turk. Hahaha.. the cute thing is, they were very excited telling me about it and of course, I am very excited to hear too since it is not that easy to find any Turkish food here in Sabah :) But yet, my husband did not shows any interest at all @_@ But still I am planning to visit it during the holiday and hopefully, the taste of the kebab is as same as the one I ate in Bursa, Turkey. InsyaAllah, if got the chance to eat one!

Iskender Kebab.. totally yummy! treated by my husband when we were in Bursa, Turkiye. (picture is not mine.. just copy it from google hihi..)

However, I am being very grateful to Allah because I heard that Turkish Man is very loyal to their food and very choosy when eating. But alhamdulillah.. I have no problem serving him Malaysian food xD but still need to learn slowly.. so anyone knows where I can find easy Turkish recipe to cook at home? I am not sure if Sabah selling any turkish ingredients but i am sure it can be replaced with something similar.

Oh.. ok enough talking about food! So yesterday, I started with a new project again after done with the 10 days Granny Squares Challenge (

Tadaaa!!! A pouch for a cell phone (honestly I was not planning to make it for a cell phone but it looks good after I put my cell phone inside hihihi)

Using 3.00mm hook and cotton yarn, the colour effect turns out very sweet :D This took only few hours to finish. But I had to complete it in two days. Oh today is Jumaat :D Happy Jumaat semua.. may Allah swt bless us all.

My hubby needs the pc! Ups.. then I need to quit writing now. Thank you again for hopping by :)

Please do visit our online shop at for yarns and tools. InsyaAllah, we are growing slowly and may Allah helps us with this small business. Amin amin amin ya rabbal’alamin.